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This chess database (containing 37,000,000 chess positions out of 500,000 games and 700,000 computer analyses) annotates your chess game or position with reference games, sorted by strength of players.
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Chess Engine Scorpio by Daniel Shawul
Scorpio-Bitbases (all 3, 4 & 5 men are split into 2 files, you need both!)
Part 1: DSh_egbb1.rar (142 MB)
Part 2: DSh_egbb2.rar (170 MB)

Cornerstone in Usability: Shredder Classic

Shredder Classic is a professional computer chess program by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, nine times world computer chess champion. Shredder Classic combines extremely powerful chess play with easy handling. The level of play of the program can be adjusted to any chess-playing strength, so that everyone can find an adequate chess partner. Many functions are available for analysing one's own chess games, including a built-in chess coach, who is alert to mistakes and helps improve your chess play.
Shredder Classic comes with four different sets of chess pieces and chess boards. Shredder Classic is available in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. Integrated online help is available in German and English. A detailed description of the most important features of Shredder Classic you can find here.
You can download a slightly restricted test version of the computer chess program Shredder Classic FREE of charge. You can extensively try out this download test version for 30 days without any obligation.

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